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QSA Transvaal 18th Hussars

Queen’s South Africa, bar Transvaal, 5097 Private Thomas Tillman, 18th Hussars. Remobilised in 1914 to fight in France.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Queen’s South Africa, bar Transvaal, 5097 Private Thomas Tillman, 18th Hussars.

Officially Impressed: “5097 Pte T. Tillman. 18th Hussars.”

Confirmed on the medal roll to be issued as a single clasp medal.

A further roll entry notes additional entitlement to the Orange Free State clasp as well as the King’s South Africa Medal, with both clasps.

Angloboerwar.com’s section on the 18th Hussars recalls the services in the “Eastern Transvaal”:

“In the second phase of the war the 18th and 19th Hussars were chiefly employed in the Eastern Transvaal.

In February, March, and April they took part in General French’s great sweep to the most easterly corners of the Transvaal, in which practically all Botha’s artillery was captured and his proposed re-invasion of Natal rendered an abortive intention. The regiment operated in June and ensuing months in a column under Colonel Campbell,—one of those under General Sir Bindon Blood,—which did further clearing up in the Eastern Transvaal. After Benson’s disaster the 18th and 19th Hussars joined Allenby, and with him went in pursuit of the Boers who had attacked Benson. Towards the close of the campaign the regiment worked under General Bruce Hamilton, and contributed to his splendid results in the Transvaal. and Orange River Colony. Reference is made to the notes under the 19th Hussars.”

Thomas was born in Hoxton, Middlesex, during 1882.

Aged 18 during the Boer War working as a Tin Man, he signed up for the Hussars of the Line joining the 18th Hussars.
He had been a serving member of the Kent Artillery Militia.

He saw the following service:

Home, 22nd Jan 1900 – 25th November 1900
South Africa, 26th Nov 1900 -31st Oct 1902
Home, 1st Nov 1902 – 21st Jan 1908
Army Reserve, 22nd Jan 1908 – 4th August 1914
Home, 5th Aug 1914 – 8th Sept 1914
British Expeditionary Force France, 9th Sept 1914 – 28th Oct 1917
Home, 29th October 1917 – 31st March 1920.

Thomas later served during World War 1, under the same number.

He was brought back from the Army Reserves and deployed to France early on arriving on 19th September 1914 and would earn the 1914 Star Trio for his services.

Later on he transferred into a familiar role on 8th July 1915 with the Motor Transport section of the Army Service Corps.

Where he held the service numbers M/36470 and M/38460